Saplaya Mask Pack set (12 Packs + 6 Free Packs)

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Fresh Blueberry - 4 packs
Honey Lemon - 4 packs
Fresh Avocado - 4 packs
Natural Charcoal - 3 packs
Fresh Pomegranate - 3 packs

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[Fresh Blueberry] Recapture youthful, soft skin with this Blueberry Mask sheet. Nourishing antioxidant blueberries, help to oxygenate the skin while simultaneously clarifying impurities from the face and neck.

[Honey Lemon] Revive skin with this natural soothing and nourishing mask. The mask is enriched with vitamin that can rejuvenate and provide intensive hydration. Perfect for breakout prone and oily skin.

[Natural Charcoal] Reveal a healthy, youthful glow with this Natural Charcoal Mask. Infused with deep cleansing ingredients, the medicinal mask purifies the skin by alleviating clogged pores.

[Fresh Avocado] Embrace clean and nourishing skin in one ultra-creamy step. Designed to repair and restore your skin's suppleness and elasticity, this hydrating avocado mask is packed with rich nutrients-perfect for all skin types.

[Fresh Pomegranate] Add nourishment and softness to your face with this gentle pomegranate mask. A special blend of pomegranate extracts and other natural exfoliate work together to ease away dulling impurities and uncover radiant skin.

How to use:

1. Clean and dry face and neck thoroughly.

2. Gently unfold the sheet and smooth on the face.

3. Remove mask after 15-20 minutes.

4. Gently massage any remaining residue


For external use only. Use immediately after opening products. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye area or open wounds. Avoid using on already irritated skin. Stop use and consult with doctor if skin becomes red, swollen, itching, or burning occurs. Store at room temperature.

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You're reviewing: Saplaya Mask Pack set (12 Packs + 6 Free Packs)

Saplaya Mask Pack set (12 Packs + 6 Free Packs)
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